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Crossing the Tuscan hills: Discover the inspiration behind the Autumn-Winter 2023 Collection

Welcome to the world of La Viola, a women's fashion brand that stands out for the importance it attaches to quality, appreciation of life and uniqueness of style. This year, the theme that guided us in the creation of our autumn-winter collection was "Crossing the Tuscan Hills, walking between Poetry and the Infinite", a theme that allowed us to draw inspiration from the enchanting beauty and rich culture of Tuscany.

Tuscany, a region located in the heart of Italy, is an authentic paradise for lovers of art, good food and nature. Our designers found the inspiration for the new collection precisely from this land, which enchants and fascinates anyone who visits it. The golden wheat fields on the hills, the ancient and elegant stone houses, vineyards and olive groves: every corner of this place has been transcribed in our garments.

La Viola's Autumn-Winter 2023 Collection is a perfect union between the magnificence of the Tuscan landscape and the art of women's fashion design. In this collection, you will see the elements that make Tuscany unique reflected in our designs, such as the gold of the late autumn fields, the deep brown of the earth and the variety of hues of the lime.

Each item of clothing in this series is like a poem, telling the story of the Tuscan hills. The soft wool coats and the refined cut recall the gentle curves of the Tuscan hills. While carefully studied details, such as hand-sewn pearls, evoke the history and art of Tuscany.

Our intent is not only to create fashion, but to express a lifestyle, a love for beauty. Our autumn-winter 2023 collection is your warm companion in the cold season, which will allow you to feel the warmth of the Tuscan sun and the depth of its culture.

We therefore invite you to join us on this journey through the Tuscan hills, between poetry and infinity.

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